Neuro comes from the Greek word «neuron» (nerve), while pelveology comes from the Latin «pelvis» (basin).

The pelvis plays a major role in protecting many of our organs, vessels and nerves. The pelvic nerves are of vital importance to life and quality of life. They are responsible for the function of the pelvic organs, control of the legs and balance as well as the transmission of impulses. Irritation or disease of these nerves due to diverse causes can result in pain or functional disturbances.

This is precisely where the Neuropelveology Centre of the Hirslanden Clinic comes in. Chronic abdominal pain, sciatica, phantom pain following leg amputation, multiple sclerosis, extensive endometriosis and bladder and bowel dysfunction are treated in close interdisciplinary collaboration with other specialists at this new centre.

People who are weary of their long case histories can start kindling hope again.