A nephrologist is a specialist in the medical problems of the kidneys.

He is an expert in the different causes of kidney disorders, their consequences and forms of treatment. He can, for example, arrange for and supervise dialysis. This treatment has to be carried out regularly if the kidneys are unable to cleanse the blood of toxins on their own.

The nephrologist also advises patients on points to watch out for in their daily lives, such as the dietary requirements needed to alleviate their illness.

Centres 2

  • Dialysis unit

    Seestrasse 220
    8027 Zürich
    F +41 44 209 20 96
    Mon - Sat: 7.00 am to 3.00 pm
    So: closed

    24-hour on-call service for patients in the dialysis ward and for nephrological emergencies.
  • Kidney Stone Center Zurich

    Seestrasse 220
    8027 Zürich

    Nephrologie T +41 44 209 25 30
    Urologie T +41 44 480 07 60