You need an X-ray, a cross-section examination (MRI, CT), or you would like to have an ultrasound? Our services are available to all Klinik Im Park inpatients and outpatients. Outpatients do not require supplementary insurance to undergo a radiological examination with us.

All imaging tests are available on an outpatient basis wherever possible. In addition, we offer a wide spectrum of specialised examinations, some of which are available on an outpatient basis and others on an inpatient basis.


Most procedures require no special preparation. But if necessary you will receive all relevant information from your doctor well ahead of time, or from our trained personnel when you arrive for your appointment.

Please ensure that the body region requiring examination is free of metal objects (bra fastener, zips, etc) and jewellery (including piercings).

In case of an MRI, please note that the magnetic field is affected by other metallic objects, including cosmetics (powder, eye shadow) and tattoos, which may contain small particles of iron. Please contact us for more information at any time.

It would be helpful if you could bring your most recent laboratory results (kidney and thyroid values and coagulation status) with you to your appointment.

Please note that you should not drive to certain examinations. It is also forbidden to operate a vehicle after taking certain medications.

Contrast agent

It is often necessary to inject a contrast agent through a vein in the arm before CT and MRI examinations. The contrast agents used today are very well tolerated and will not affect your daily routine. However, as with any medication, in rare cases they may cause an allergic reaction. Of course, we will ask you about known allergies and clarify any further questions before administrating the agent.

Length of the examination

Examinations usually last between 20 and 45 minutes. After the radiologist has performed the assessment, the attending physician will be sent a detailed report, along with all the images.

For certain interventions and punctures, the appointment may be extended by a few hours for the purpose of observation.

Further information

We will be happy to provide you with any additional information about the course of an investigation in our institute. Please do not hesitate to contact your doctor or our team at any time. We are always happy to help:

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