Team woman-mother-child

Leadership Team

Nathalie Colling

Head of department woman-mother-child
Course instructor

Franziska Vallantine

Deputy head of department woman-mother-child
Course instructor

Sabine Kolbe

Deputy head of department woman-mother-child


Our team of midwives will look after you and your newborn before, during and after the birth, whether at a midwife consultation, in the intensive phase during the birth or for a consultation session and movement exercises after the birth. It goes without saying that we offer personal and expert care and support.


Our nursing staff on the postnatal ward treat and look after you according to your needs and requirements. It is important to us that you recover well after the birth and are well prepared for your life with your newborn child.

Lactation consultants on the postnatal ward

Our lactation consultants will support and advise you and answer your personal questions about breastfeeding. They will give you valuable tips and show you how to breastfeed. Our lactation consultants can be contacted by calling T +41 44 209 23 00.