Warm and friendly atmosphere on our Labour Ward

The time of the birth is an emotional moment. You will receive professional care from the doctors and midwives on our Labour Ward, while the ward itself offers a warm and friendly atmosphere with a modern, medical infrastructure of the highest quality.

Experienced and efficient team

In order to plan the impending birth as well as possible, the procedures and interfaces for our doctors and midwives are clearly regulated and they work in close collaboration. Thanks to continual, intensive further training, our midwives are familiar with the latest developments in obstetrics care and will accompany you safely and expertly during the birth.

Modern infrastructure

The Labour Ward at Klinik Im Park offers a comprehensive and modern infrastructure. It is fitted with the latest medical equipment and offers a quiet family atmosphere.

Unique lighting effects and natural materials
The lighting concept, with the large LED light screen, is based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and supports you during the birth. You can select the lighting moods yourself, for a calming, animating or relaxing effect as required.  The oak wood used on the ward provides a calm, secure and homely feeling.

Freedom of choice in the delivery suites
Klinik Im Park has two modern delivery suites with a birthing pool, multifunctional birthing station and a birthing stool. So, you as a mother-to-be, have the greatest freedom of choice. This freedom of choice is a central element of our birth philosophy.

Integrated theatre for caesareans
The operating theatre integrated into our Labour Ward allows the motherto- be to remain in familiar surroundings during the birth, even in the case of a caesarean. Klinik Im Park thus ensures the highest level of safety, as emergencies can be handled swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, the mother, child and father are able to remain together after the caesarean, promoting bonding – the  relationship between mother and child – at all times.


Pain relief methods

Whether a comforting compress, an easing massage, calming aromatherapy, a relaxing bath or specifically targeted acupuncture – we offer many different forms of naturopathic therapies during the birth to help you relax and to help reduce the pain. If required, conventional pain relief is also available. 
We are the first clinic in Zurich to be able to offer self-controlled pain relief administration with a pain pump during the birth. The mother-to-be can administer pain relief herself during the birth with the push of a button. The pain-relief drug used is Remifentanil (Ultiva™), a potent, short-acting morphine derivative. The infusion can be inserted in just a few minutes and the mother-to-be retains full  mobility. The drug works very quickly and is also eliminated rapidly from the body. Our anaesthetists are also able to perform a PDA (peridural anaesthesia) at any time if necessary. 

Care during birth

Comprehensive, integrated support is our top priority. You will be cared for by specialists you know during the birth. Your doctor is responsible for the overall management of the birth and will work in close cooperation with our midwives. During the most intensive phase, we guarantee oneto- one support so that you feel safe and cared for at all times.