We are pleased to inform you about our upgrades and the possibility of changing insurance classes with the respective benefits.

For the birth of your child at Klinik Im Park, you need private or semi-private insurance. Taking out private or semi-private insurance gives you the choice of giving birth to your child at the Klinik Im Park. Please note that some health insurance companies require you to switch from general insurance to private insurance two years before the birth.

Enjoy privacy of a single room as a new mother with semi-private insurance

NEW: As a new mother with semi-private insurance you enjoy the privacy of a single room. Your support person and a sibling can also overnight with you for an additional CHF 150.- per night, incl. breakfast. Please note that all other services correspond to those of the semi-private insurance class.

Services for semi-private and private patients

The Klinik Im Park offers patients with semi-private or private insurance different service packages according to their needs. With private insurance you automatically benefit from exclusive Hirslanden Privé supplementary benefits and other attractive offers. The services provided by Hirslanden Privé go beyond those of a private insurance. With private insurance you enjoy the benefits of a family room including bed and breakfast for your partner and one sibling.

Change of insurance class

Even without supplementary insurance, you can choose the Klinik Im Park for the birth of your child and benefit from the additional services of the private and semi-private ward. In any case, the additional services through an upgrade are always granted.

  • Semi-private to Private: CHF 3'500.-
  • Basic to Private: CHF 11'500.-

Please discuss your desire for a change of insurance class with your doctor. The doctor's office will make the appropriate registration with the clinic. The amounts stated apply both to spontaneous births and to mothers who give birth to their child by means of a caesarean section. In the event of a change of insurance class for mothers with general insurance, a flat-rate amount of CHF 1'200.- is added for each additional child in the case of multiple births.

These prices also apply if a longer period of hospitalisation becomes necessary after the birth for medical reasons. If you need inpatient treatment before the birth, the change of class will be calculated individually.

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Services according to insucrance class

Hirslanden Klinik Im Park offers patients with private, semi-private or basic insurance different services that are tailored to their needs. Learn more about the details in the following brochure (in German):