After Birth - Postnatal Ward

After the birth of your child on our labour ward, we will accompany you to your room on our postnatal ward. Our qualified nursing staff, midwives and doctors will expertly and attentively take care of both you and your baby. You will spend the first few days on the postnatal ward together with your baby, where you will be able to get to know each other.

The postnatal ward has been renovated to meet the needs of new mothers and their partners. In addition to 20 rooms with furnishings that can accommodate a range of individual needs, mothers and those accompanying them have a lounge, breastfeeding room and nursery at their disposal. The rooms have oak parquet floors, and an aubergine tone was selected for the furniture to provide a sense of warmth and comfort.

The soft green tones and spring colours symbolise new beginnings and embarking on the journey of life. Privately insured patients will enjoy the range of furnishings in the room, including a baby changing table that lets you can handle your infant in the privacy of your own room. Persons accompanying the new mother are also welcome to stay in the family rooms, which have an additional sofa bed. Klinik Im Park also has a family suite with space for the new mother, another accompanying person and one sibling child.


Care during and after your stay

We are guided by your needs and support you in your new daily routine. We are also there for you after your stay and offer you various outpatient care options.


Your obstetrician will visit you daily, will be available to answer your questions and will discuss further care with the nursing staff.


Your baby will be examined by the paediatrician after the birth and at the end of your stay. Your paediatrician will also visit you regularly during your stay in the hospital to ensure your physical well-being and that of your child. He will be happy to answer your questions and, together with the nursing staff, will decide on the further care of your child. If a baby requires special medical care or monitoring, he or she is in good hands with our paediatrician and specialist nursing staff around the clock (24 hours a day). Our medical technology infrastructure guarantees the greatest possible safety for newborns. The maternity unit maintains close cooperation with the Children's Hospital and the University Hospital Zurich. This means that in the event of complications we can guarantee rapid intensive medical care for your newborn child.

Neonatological care

Neonatological care

An experienced neonatologist/pediatrician is always on standby for the care of your child and for emergencies. Thanks to continuous further training, our team is always up to date, for example through further training regarding start4neo.

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  • First aid for healthy and sick newborns
  • Care of newborns with adjustment problems after birth
  • Short-term care in the newborn monitoring room with monitor monitoring (oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram [ECG]) and if necessary oxygen administration
  • Preventive medical checkups
  • Close cooperation with the Children's Hospital Zurich
  • Ultrasound examinations (brain, stomach, hip)
  • Phototherapy for neonatal jaundice
  • Hearing test
  • Developmental care (kinaesthetics) for newborns
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Advice for parents regarding the care of newborns
  • Extensive postpartum discussions with your paediatrician (regarding individual progress and examination results, further care and preventive examinations after leaving hospital, general recommendations, behaviour in an emergency and similar matters)
  • Outpatient follow-up checks
  • Laboratory tests if necessary
Breastfeeding advice

Breastfeeding advice

The lactation consultant is on duty from Monday to Friday. She answers specific questions and supports the breastfeeding process together with the nursing staff. The lactation consultant is also available after your stay in the clinic.

Phone number of the lactation consultant: +41 44 209 23 00

Family room

Family room

With our rooming-in-system, you can have your baby with you in your room day and night. If you wish to have time alone to recover from the birth, then your baby can be cared for by our nursery staff in the baby room. There, you and your partner can visit your baby at any time to bath your baby and change the nappy.

Hotel services

Hotel services

Our hotel service staff will accompany you when you enter the clinic, advise you on the choice of menu, do the menu service and room service and are your contact persons for all matters concerning your stay in the clinic.

Celebratory meal

In order to celebrate the happy event, we invite you and your partner to a festive ‘dinner for two’ during your stay at the clinic. You can choose between lunch or an evening meal served either in the restaurant or in your room.

Blessing ceremony

Blessing ceremony

For the blessing of your newborn baby we offer you a small blessing ceremony. The new addition to the family will be blessed with gratitude and a look into the future. The blessing can take place according to individual wishes in the room or in a lounge of the clinic. 

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    Visiting hours:
    1.00 pm to 9.00 pm for relatives, friends and acquaintances / No visit restrictions for your partner