Klinik Im Park’s affiliated doctors and comprehensive range of services are available to all patients with supplementary health insurance (private or semi-private). You will benefit from personalised care provided the same doctor throughout your entire stay at the hospital.

Patients with basic health insurance are treated at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park under a mandate provided by the cantons of Schwyz, Glarus and Graubünden. The Bellaria Surgical Centre also provides outpatient care to patients with basic health insurance from all cantons.

Medical services

Basic insurance 


  • Appointments based on capacity and medical urgency.

Choice of doctor

  • No free choice of doctor for inpatient stays. 

Medical care

  • Surgery by assistant doctors under the supervision of specialist or by attending specialist.
  • Visits and care by assistant doctor under the supervision of the specialist based on medical necessity or by the attending doctor

Nursing services

  • Nursing care in compliance with applicable nursing standards.
  • Care provided by registered nurses and nurses in training.

Daily routine

  • Daily schedule fixed.

Visiting hours

  • From 9 am to 9 pm.


  • Therapy based on medical needs.


  • Discharge consultation with attending specialist or assistant doctor under supervision of specialist if needed.
  • Discharge before 10 am.


  • Organisation based on doctor’s instructions and based on capacity. 
  • Handling of cost coverage arrangements with health insurer.

Non-medical services

Basic insurance

Hotel-style services

  • Multi-bed room
  • Daily newspaper can be purchased on request


  • Free tea and coffee with main meals
  • Standard menu

Hirslanden Baby - Room

  • Multi-bed room (private room only available with an upgrade, availability not guaranteed)
  • Parents room (overnight accommodation including breakfast for the father) only possible with an upgrade, availability not guaranteed
  • Family room (overnight accommodation including breakfast for the father and one sibling) only possible with an upgrade, availability not guaranteed
  • Limited visiting hours

Hirslanden Baby - Gifts

  • Professional baby photography