The Emergency Centre of the Linde Hospital in Biel is open round the clock for patients aged 16 and up, whatever their insurance class.

We are here to help you in emergency situations - after an accident, a sudden onset of pain or emergency hospitalisation recommended by your family doctor.

Notification in the event of minor emergencies

If possible, please phone us in advance of your emergency visit. We can therefore prepare for your arrival and tell you how to find us. Please bring your health insurance card and your current treatment/medication list.

You can reach us round the clock at: +41 32 366 41 12

Notification in the event of life-threatening emergencies

If immediate medical treatment is needed (for example for a heart attack or stroke) we will immediately transfer you to the relevant centre on receipt of the phone call.

The Ambulance Service, emergency phone number 144, is available round the clock for initial treatment in emergency situations and to move patients to a hospital.

Emergency Department Linde
Opening times
24 hours per day