Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Switzerland. The St. Anna acute hospital and its team of cardiologists are reorganising its range of services accordingly, and its new cardiac centre now offers a modern interdisciplinary network with a full range of cardiology facilities - including emergency treatment and a 24-hour catheter laboratory - for the treatment of all cardiovascular patients in Central Switzerland aged 16 and over.

The centre is staffed by cardiologists with many years of experience who provide ongoing treatment and medical care: from the moment they are referred, all our outpatients and inpatients have direct contact with the specialists throughout the entire treatment process, until they are returned to the care of their family doctors.


Short waiting times, cutting-edge infrastructure and seamless availability of services – 24/7 for emergencies – make the Cardiology Centre a truly first-class centre of expertise. As does the close collaboration between the centre’s seven cardiology specialists, laboratory and nursing staff with the hospital’s other medical specialists and the referring doctors.

Hirslanden Cardiac Centre, Central Switzerland
St. Anna-Strasse 32
6006 Lucerne
+41 41 208 32 51