Benefit from the latest technologies and innovative methods performed by highly qualified medical specialists

Lung diseases are very common. In Switzerland around 4,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year, one in ten children and one in fourteen adults has asthma and around 150,000 people are affected by sleep apnoea, which means they temporarily stop breathing while they are asleep.


The respiratory physicians and thoracic surgeons at the Lung Centre are experts in the causes of lung problems such as shortness of breath and coughing, and treat them using the latest highly specialised techniques. Our team of qualified specialists collaborates closely with radiologists (x-ray specialists), cardiologist (heart specialists) and other medical professionals to investigate what is causing your breathing difficulties.


If a tumour is detected, we also incorporate the expertise of oncologists (cancer specialists) and radiotherapists. The necessary treatment is discussed by all the specialists involved at regular meetings (the Lung Board). This close cooperation enables us to guarantee the best possible treatment for each patient.


The Lung Centre St. Anna offers pneumology and highly specialised surgery of all the organs located inside the chest. This includes the lungs, thyroid gland, thymus, oesophagus, diaphragm and anatomical structures of the lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems. Our Lung Centre features diagnostic and surgical facilities equipped with the latest technologies that are unrivalled in Central Switzerland and beyond.

Lung Centre St. Anna
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