Diagnosis, advice and treatment for the following illnesses: 

  • Tumours of the breast, lungs and gastrointestinal tract
  • Gynaecological tumours
  • Tumours of the prostate, testes and urinary tract
  • Tumours of the ear, nose and throat, brain tumours, skin tumours
  • Haematological and lymphatic tumours (lymphomas, multiple myeloma,
  • Anaemias, myeloproliferative disorders 

Further services

  • Bone-marrow harvesting/diagnosis 
  • Interdisciplinary tumour conference 
  • Collaboration with the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital and Zurich University Hospital (e.g. in the areas of radiotherapy, pathological diagnosis, dose-intensified chemotherapy with stem cell return)
  • Collaboration with the Central Switzerland Cancer League (e.g. in the areas of psychooncology, social counselling)