We provide comprehensive nutrition advice and nutritional therapy at Klinik St. Anna.

Food is about more than just nutrients and meeting our basic needs

For humans, food is about enjoyment, pleasure, relaxation and sensuality. We imbue food with very personal associations related to traditions, family or friendships. Throughout our lives, we each develop our own style of eating and our own personal preferences.


Eating while sick or during your stay at hospital

Something as simple as eating can become a challenge or even a burden. We no longer have full control over when and what we eat. Our favourite meals taste different to how they normally should. Eating, swallowing and digesting can cause pain. Certain illnesses may require special diets. Our appetite and desire for food may disappear.


Food is essential for life

Food that meets all our needs forms the foundation for our recovery. Too little food can lead to malnourishment. Malnourishment causes medical complications, reduces quality of life, makes the prognosis worse and prolongs the time spent in hospital. The aim of our nutrition team is to monitor and optimise the patient’s diet to ensure the best possible nutritional therapy. The patient’s diagnosis, nutritional condition and metabolism are all taken into consideration. Clinical nutrition covers everything from the optimisation of daily meals, through to the use of dietary supplements, tube feeding and nutrient infusions.


Outpatient care

The nutrition team looks after outpatients by providing them with artificial food at home, together with the HomeCare for clinical nutrition, home help and the meals service.

In addition, affiliated doctors and family doctors can refer all kinds of patients from around the region to Nutrition Advice Klinik St. Anna.



Nutrition Counselling
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