Geriatrics Centre Klinik St. Anna

Geriatric medicine

Geriatrics focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases affecting older people. During a personal consultation, we will discuss the problems that arise with advanced age, as well as your individual treatment requests and abilities.


Personal consultation

Take advantage of our expert consultation service, which is available to all patients as well as doctors from various medical specialisations.

During the geriatric examination, we will take into consideration all the physical, psychological and social factors related to your health. Then together with you, we will develop a personalised treatment plan in accordance with your current state of health and any requests you may have.


Individual treatment

Are you over 65? Do you require treatment or rehabilitation? We offer personalised treatment that incorporates specialists from all the necessary medical disciplines. The earlier you start taking preventative measures, the better your chances of success.

We will explicitly focus on issues that are limiting your personal independence.

In addition to specialised geriatric medical care, you can also access other therapists from the following specialisations if required:

·         Physiotherapy (movement therapy)

·         Occupational therapy (therapy of everyday functions)

·         Speech and language therapy (used to treat language, speech, voice, swallowing and hearing impairments)

·         Nutritional advice

·         Psychology

·         Social counselling

Our goal: your independence

The focus of our treatment is to help you maintain or regain your independence in your everyday life. This includes avoiding or minimising your dependency on care and thereby possibly the need for you to be admitted to a nursing home.

We are passionate about providing our patients with competent, personalised support and medical care.