Supported by the doctor of your choice, and the competent midwives of Klinik St. Anna, you will be able to experience the birth of your child in an atmosphere of warmth and safety. We support and accompany you in a consultative manner throughout labour. We will try to meet your individual needs and requests whenever possible.

Antenatal Courses

Our antenatal classes (in German) are designed to assist us in accompanying you through the remaining stages of your pregnancy, to relieve uncertainty and anxiety and to help you to ensure optimum preparation for the forthcoming birth. With this thorough and clear introduction to all of the most important topics, we would like to ensure that the emotional and unique event of childbirth becomes a positive experience. For birth preparation courses in English, we recommend you to visit



Your doctor is responsible for the overall supervision of childbirth. Assisted by a competent andexperienced midwife, you will be taken good care of. The midwife constantly monitors the process of birth while providing advice and active assistance.


In case a Caesarean sectionis required, our Anaesthetics team will monitor your heart function and circulation. In most cases a Caesarean section can be performed under local anaesthesia.This allows you to consciously experience the birth of your child.



In order to deepen the contact between mother and child, newborn infants generally remain in the mother’s room after the birth.


Subsequent to a risk birth or in case of an infant adjustment disorder, a paediatrician will be consulted immediately. Where intensive observation and/or care are required, the necessary infrastructure is available in the observation room. Paediatricians,supported by paediatric nursing staff, attend to the wellbeing of your newborn child around the clock. Even in this case, you have the possibility to visit your baby at any time or have it brought to you.


Nowadays a simple examination can detect within minutes, whether a child suffers from any hearing impairment. Hearing examinations are carried out for all newborns at Klinik St. Anna.


In case of medical necessity the clinic also provides the opportunity to do a hip sonography for newborns. This examination is used to determine whether the child’s hip joints have achieved a normal stage of development.