Physiotherapy and exercise are proven methods for regaining maximum mobility and your independence after surgery or an injury, or if you have joints have developed signs of wear and tear. Our aim is to get you back to work or your everyday routine as soon as possible.

A key part of our approach is interdisciplinary collaboration between family doctors, medical specialists and physiotherapists.

Movement therapy

Every movement therapy carried out at Klinik St. Anna is consists of specialised treatment focusing on a specific problem, as well as general treatment. The first part of the therapy concentrates on the affected structures or functions, while the second promotes your general physical well-being.


This kind of therapy is called PhysioART (outpatient rehabilitation and therapy) and it stands for the shared conceptional content and programme structures carried out at the physiotherapy centres at the Klinik St. Anna hospital and our medical centre inside Lucerne’s central train station.


PhysioART’s core competencies are:

·         Treatment of dysfunctions and problems affecting the musculoskeletal system

·         Orthopaedic and neurosurgical follow-up treatment

·         Outpatient rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Diabetes rehabilitation


Methods and concepts:

·         Movement therapy

·         Exercise therapy

·         Manual therapy

·         Medical massage

·         Trigger point therapy

·         Lymphatic drainage

·         Taping, Kinesio taping



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