A stroke is a type of brain damage caused by a circulatory defect in the brain. It is usually caused by a blood clot in the vessels that supply the brain with blood. This damages some brain cells to such an extent that they permanently stop functioning. Depending on where the circulatory defect occurs, a stroke can cause various different symptoms (problems), such as:

·         Paralysis

·         Loss of feeling

·         Difficulty speaking

·         Difficulty understanding

·         Disorientation

·         Loss of balance

The sooner therapy begins, the higher the chances that such problems could be reversible. The longer the blood flow is disrupted, the greater the damage. That is why a stroke (like a heart attack) is an absolute emergency in which every minute counts.

Precursor to a stroke

The precursor to a stroke is a mini stroke or ischaemic stroke (officially referred to as a transient ischaemic attack or TIA). The symptoms listed above only appear temporarily – sometimes only for a few minutes – and have no lasting effects. A mini stroke can indicate an impending stroke, so it is vital to be examined by a doctor as soon as possible.

Klinik St. Anna has many years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with strokes. The hospital always keeps at least one bed free for stroke patients, regardless of their insurance class.

Emergency admission

Patients or their families can directly call the Emergency Centre at Klinik St. Anna around the clock:

T +41 41 208 44 44

Of course patients can also be referred by their family doctor, an emergency doctor or transported to the hospital in an ambulance by calling the emergency services on 144. Given that it is vital not to lose any time in the event of a stroke, it is generally advisable for the patient to admit themselves to the hospital directly.


The Stroke Unit at Klinik St. Anna

The Stroke Unit incorporates all the specialist areas involved in the diagnosis and treatment of strokes (neurology, emergency services, radiology, intensive care unit, specialised wards for stroke patients, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, nutrition advice, social services; other specialists as required such as cardiology, geriatrics and others). All the medical specialists work according to predefined, standardised interdisciplinary guidelines and processes. An extended interdisciplinary Stroke Unit team meets regularly to evaluate and optimise the treatment procedures, discuss quality aspects, revise goals and assess whether they have been achieved, schedule professional development and much more.  

The Stroke Unit Klinik St. Anna has been certified by SFCNF

Stroke Unit Klinik St. Anna
St. Anna-Strasse 32
6006 Luzern
F +41 41 208 33 06