FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen zum Baby-Bag

To whom is the Baby Bag given to?

The Baby Bag is given to all mothers who have had a baby at one of the eight Hirslanden clinics and are semi-privately or privately insured. 

Why have I not received a Baby Bag even though I upgraded to semi-private or private?

There are different types of upgrades. Therefore the benefits may be limited to just the room upgrade – without additional benefits. In case you select a complete upgrade package, the Baby Bag is included. To see the specific benefits available, please contact your chosen clinic.  

I have the basic insurance, do I also get something?

This varies from maternity clinic to maternity clinic. Often those with basic insurance are given a baby cap or a travel bag which can be used for the baby's personal items.

When will the Baby Bag be available?

The new Baby Bag model (dark blue) will be available in the Hirslanden clinics from about mid-September 2016. In the transitional period it may happen that you receive a petrol-blue coloured Baby Bag.

Where can the Baby Bag be bought?

The Baby Bag is our gift to mothers in the maternity ward who are semi-privately or privately insured and therefore the Bag is not for sale. From the comfort of your home, you can easily order our "Ernie" patterned cloth or the "Ernest" online.

What is in the Baby Bag?

We have filled the Baby Bag with useful everyday products in cooperation with our partners. Have a pleasant surprise!

What material is the new Baby Bag made of?

The Baby Bag is made of canvas, a compact closely-woven cotton material. This means the material is very tough and water-repellent. The word canvas is an old English term and stands for sails. So it is the ideal material for our Baby Bag, which serves as a loyal companion on your journeys. 

Can you wash the Baby Bag?

Our canvas Baby Bag can be washed at 30°C. The material is easy-care and water-repellent. However, we do recommend that the Baby Bag be washed with an impregnating detergent in order to keep its water-repellent property.