Family account

A family's money

Family finances need to be well organized. It starts with planning and allocating a budget, checking how much money is coming in, and what it's being spent on. A family's money belongs to all its members. Yet each person has their own needs, which must be carefully aligned with the wishes and needs of everyone else. What are our common goals? How shall we handle our finances as a family? And when there are children in the family: how can they learn to handle money properly, whether money in general, or their own?


To keep track of everything and make sure your family has a clear overview, there are banking packages today specially designed for the needs of families and couples. They include a wide range of products and services for the different needs and challenges facing each family. All at advantageous conditions. A banking package is the ideal solution for a family that wants to pull together, whilst enjoying the freedom to do what they want with their money.


Family account

The Banking Package UBS Family includes everything your family needs for your daily banking transactions: personal accounts, savings accounts, debit cards (V PAY or Maestro), credit cards, e-banking and Mobile Banking, and lots more – all for an attractive flat fee. Babies up to the age of 12 months old get a furry Topsy money box, plus an initial credit balance of 20 francs. And we have practical savings and banking solutions for young people too.


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