Baby care

For daily hygiene wash the baby's face (do not forget eyes, nose and ears!) and diaper area with clear water without additives. Use baby wipes sparingly, because the additives can irritate the baby’s skin unnecessarily.


The bath not only cleanses your baby, it also refreshes him and brings diversion into his day. In addition, a bath stimulates the skin circulation and intensifies the bond between parent and child.


It is really important for you to bring enough time and composure with you to the bath so that nothing happens to the baby because of a lack of attention. Allow your baby in general to get used to the water slowly. A superficial wash on the changing table will often do for the first time.


The water temperature for the bath should be ca. 36 - 37°C and always measured with the thermometer. It is not enough - as recommended on occasion – to test the temperature with your elbow! Make sure that there are no drafts in the bathroom while bathing and that the room temperature before, during and after the bath is pleasantly warm (25°C). Babies chill more quickly than adults because they still lack a layer of fat.


When cleaning the baby’s ears with a washcloth, clean only the outer ear and behind. Never insert a cotton swab into his ears. The risk of injury is very great! The inner ear will clean itself anyway.


This may sound complicated, but it can really be a great help: place your child in the water, grasp with your left hand under his left armpit. His head and shoulder will then be resting on your forearm. With your right grasp the baby under his bottom and left lower leg. Then wash the baby with your right hand. Everything the other way around if you are left-handed.

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