We recommend scheduling meals according to the drinking needs of your child. After a short while it will find its own rhythm of drinking, sleeping and being awake; thus the frequency and amount of breastfeeding is very individual.


Breastfeed your child 5 to 6 times each 24 hours, including at least once at night. This way you can stimulate milk production of the appropriate amount. If necessary, you can also breastfeed more often.


If your baby falls asleep during breastfeeding, change its nappy – this way it wakes up and you can continue to feed it.


During the main growing periods of your child – between the 2nd and 3rd week, 4th and 6th week, and 3rd and 4th months – frequent breastfeeding helps to increase milk production and adjust it to the increased needs of your child.


Most clinics – and of course all Hirslanden clinics – employ a breastfeeding counsellor who will support you both during your stay and afterwards and show you what to be aware of. The breastfeeding counsellor from your maternity clinic, or an independent breastfeeding counsellor, will be at your disposal for questions or uncertainties after your stay at the clinic.


Further information on breastfeeding-friendly clinics


If you need breastfeeding advice, contact the breastfeeding counsellor of your maternity clinic or one of the following addresses. According to the KVG, health insurance pays for three breastfeeding counselling sessions.


Berufsverband Schweizerischer Stillberaterinnen
Postfach 686
Bern 25
T +41 41 671 01 73
F +41 41 671 01 71


Schweizerischer Hebammenverband
3000 Bern 22
T +41 31 332 63 40
F +41 31 332 76 19


La Leche Liga
Postfach 197
8053 Zürich
T und F +41 81 943 33 00


Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland
Schwarztorstrasse 87
3007 Bern
Tel. 031 381 49 66
Fax 031 381 49 67

Schweiz. Verband der Mütterberaterinnen SVM
Elisabethenstr. 16
Postfach 8426
8036 Zürich
T +41 44 382 30 33


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