Nursing ruins your Breasts

Did you think about nursing during your pregnancy, about whether you wanted to nurse your baby or not, and did your surroundings influence you in the process? Various myths and superstitions have evolved over the ages: a child who has been nursed does not become ill. Women with smaller breasts have more difficulty nursing. Eating acidic foods can turn the milk sour. Nursing prevents allergies. Nursing ruins your breasts.


Nursing has no long-term effects on the exterior of your breasts. Shortly after the discontinuation of nursing it can no longer be determined whether a woman has nursed or not. That she was pregnant, however. Therefore changes in the breasts should be attributed to pregnancy and not to nursing.


It also takes some time until the breasts recede, and everything does not always become the way it once was. Weak connective tissue allows for greater changes in the breasts than strong, firm connective tissue, and the breasts of women with weak connective tissue will lose tone sooner or later, regardless of whether they were ever pregnant or not. In the course of time and with increasing age the shape of a woman’s breast changes naturally due to the loss of the elasticity of the skin and the effect of gravity.


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