When children teethe

The age when teeth emerge varies with each child. With some children the first teeth emerge at three months already. Others reach their first birthday and are still toothless.


Teething may possibly prove to be very unpleasant for your child. The eruption of teeth is often associated with pain. It is the premolars which erupt in the age from 12 to 15 months that cause the most pain and then the molars that appear at the end of the second year of age.


This is how you can detect if children are teething

  • greatly increased flow of saliva
  • the baby rubs his cheeks with his hands
  • the gums are reddened and sensitive
  • flushed cheeks
  • fever
  • diarrhoea
  • the baby sleeps poorly and cries

How can I make teething more bearable for my child?

Babies who are teething often have the need to chew on objects. Plastic teething rings are suitable for this. They have a cooling and pain-relieving effect. Also a fresh sage tea dabbed onto the gums can help. Dental gels from the pharmacy also have an anti-inflammatory effect.


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