Vitamins and Minerals

During pregnancy the need for some vitamins and minerals is increased. In order to avoid a lack in these, you should take care to have plenty of the following trace elements:


  • Folic acid is very important for the development of the central nervous system of the baby. It is contained in vegetables, fruit, grain germs, whole meal products, pulses, meat and egg yolk.
  • Calcium is very important for the formation of bones and teeth in the growing child. Calcium can be found in milk, yoghurt, cheese, quark etc, and mineral water rich in calcium.
  • Taking plenty of magnesium can help reduce cramps in the calf muscles and premature labour pains. Contained in: whole meal products, pulses, many kinds of vegetables, fruit (e.g. bananas, dates, figs), berries, nuts and dark chocolate.
  • Iron is important for the formation of red blood cells. It can be found in meat, fish, egg yolk, whole meal products and vegetables.


Multivitamin preparations

Taking specific multivitamin preparations during pregnancy can reduce approx. 50% of congenital malformations (e.g. neural tube defect, heart or palatal defect). Additionally, the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and nutritional deficiency can be lowered.


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