Your stay at the clinic

We remain at your side

About two hours after birth you will be transferred to your room. During your stay at the clinic, our nursing team is there for you and your baby, around the clock, to ensure that you receive individual and holistic care. We will respond to your needs and support you in your new daily routine.


Our rooming-in system gives you the option of having your newborn baby in your room with you 24 hours a day. This is an optimal way of becoming familiar with your child’s needs. If you would like to have a rest at any time, our nursing staff will take watchful care of your newborn. We will provide you with specific support in caring for your baby and for breastfeeding. You will also receive individual care and consultations from one of our breastfeeding consultants.


Your gynaecologist will pay you a daily visit, will be available to answer your questions and will engage in consultation with our nursing staff concerning your ongoing care. Your doctor’s visits do not take place at a specified time, but will be determined at short notice by your gynaecologist.


During the first two days after the birth, your baby will be examined by a paediatrician. If required, additional examinations may be made. The paediatrician will be glad to answer your questions and will determine, in consultation with our nursing team, any further treatment your child may require.


If you so desire, your baby can be tested by means of a hip ultrasound and a hearing test. Respectively, these examinations are designed to ensure early detection of potential hip problems and to test the future speech development capacity of your baby.


Our postnatal services

  • Individual care for mother and child
  • Rooming-in
  • Inpatient and outpatient breastfeeding consultations
  • Nutrition advice
  • Care and examination of your baby by a paediatrician
  • Hip ultrasound, if desired
  • Hearing test, if desired
  • Birth menu or birth celebration
  • Outpatient care by a midwife, if desired
  • Postnatal gymnastics courses from the 6th week following the birth (in German)

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