Preparing for the birth

Your pregnancy is important to us

The process leading up to the birth is an intensive one for expecting parents. Good preparations create an atmosphere of security and trust. At the AndreasKlinik, we have created a programme designed to support you and provide you with assistance throughout this process.



Our program includes information evenings (in German). A competent team comprised of midwives, our expert nursing staff provide well-founded answers to all of your questions. In personal consultations with our midwives, any concerns or questions you may have can be discussed in detail and the various birth options demonstrated will be demonstrated to you.



As an English speaking patient, you can familiarize yourself with the birth unit and our midwifes. We will be happy to show you the birth rooms and the maternity unit as well as answer any questions you should have. You are welcome to visit at any time, we would just ask you to tell the midwife beforehand T +41 41 784 03 40



Our Maternity Ward is equipped with an excellent infrastructure that meets the highest standards. We offer individual guided tours in which you can become more familiar with our Birth Rooms, Maternity Ward and our philosophy. Please take this opportunity to make contact with our multilingual midwives.



Our antenatal classes (in German) are designed to assist us in accompanying you through the remaining stages of your pregnancy, to relieve uncertainty and anxiety and to help you to ensure optimum preparation for the forthcoming birth. With this thorough and clear introduction to all of the most important topics, we would like to ensure that the emotional and unique event of childbirth becomes a positive experience. For birth preparation courses in English, we recommend you to visit



As the birth approaches, we would also be delighted to provide you with acupuncture treatment performed by our midwives.



Our prenatal services:

  • Multilingual midwife team
  • Information events for expectant parents
  • Antenatal classes (in German)
  • Individual tours of our Maternity Ward
  • Midwife consultation
  • Advice on the use of alternative methods
  • Moxa therapy
  • Acupuncture (in German)

Address & Contact

AndreasKlinik Cham Zug
Rigistrasse 1
CH-6330 Cham
T +41 41 784 07 84
F +41 41 784 09 99

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