Your stay at the clinic

In addition to the attentive and individual care we offer, we provide a range of services aimed at supporting you following the birth of your baby and at providing you with day-to-day assistance.


Our rooming-in system gives you the option of having your newborn baby in your room with you 24 hours a day. This is an optimal way of becoming familiar with your child’s needs. If you would like to have a rest at any time, our nursing staff will take watchful care of your newborn in the Baby Room.


In addition, we can offer you support in the area of nutrition in the form of qualified nutrition consultants. We also offer advice on breastfeeding, with both outpatient and inpatient care provided by our breastfeeding and lactation consultants.


Our physiotherapists offer gymnastics courses to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing. We also recommend our postnatal gymnastics programme as part of our services aimed at ensuring your physical and psychological comfort.


We offer a Caring for your Baby course twice per week. In this course, you can learn valuable tips on how to provide correct care for your baby.


For more information on the subject of the birth, please see the chapter entitled birth and your stay at the Clinic.

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