The birth

The peaceful atmosphere in our modernly designed maternity unit will help you to feel at ease. The midwife will check how your labour is progressing and provide you with active help. You can safely place yourself in her hands and concentrate fully on the birth. Your trusted doctor has overall responsibility. He and the midwife will take care of you during the birth process. Your partner or elected support person is most welcome to be present during the birth. We have three modern, spacious delivery rooms which are all equipped with birthing tubs for water births, a birthing area as well as a Maya birthing stool. So, as the mother-to-be, you have the greatest freedom of choice.

Medical infrastructure
The entire infrastructure of Klinik Hirslanden is at your disposal at all times to ensure that you receive optimum medical care. This has proven to be especially valuable during a planned or unplanned caesarean section, which will be carried out by your doctor and an experienced anaesthetist. Our hospital’s cutting-edge medical technology infrastructure guarantees maximum security for mother and newborn.


For your baby’s safety
After the birth, the attending paediatrician will minister to your baby, examine him/her and decide his/her further care The neonatal monitoring is carried out by specialist nursing staff. A paediatrician is available round the clock if a baby requires specialised monitoring or care. In the event of an emergency, the hospital works closely with the children’s hospital of the University of Zurich.


Consultation with a midwife
Your birth-related needs and concerns are important to us. In order to adapt the care to your individual needs and to address your questions, we will invite you to a consultation with a midwife around four weeks before the birth. The responsible midwife will discuss the birth plan and possible birthing positions with you, and inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of birth.


More relaxation, less pain
Be it a soothing compress, a loosening massage, calming aromatherapy or targeted acupuncture to relieve labour pain and to help you relax, we offer you many naturopathic remedies during the birth. If required, conventional pain relief is also available. An anaesthetist is on duty round the clock and can also administer a PDA (epidural anaesthesia) at any time. If required, you may register for an anaesthesia consultation via check-in on T +41 44 387 23 71 Please contact us in good time.


Bonding – the first moments together
The time after the birth belongs to you, your partner and your newborn baby. The first hours after the delivery are very important for you and your baby. The midwife will encourage bonding between you and your baby, and assist you with breastfeeding. Your newborn baby recognises your heartbeat, your smell and your voice. He/she receives warmth and security from skin contact. The unique relationship between baby, mother and father is forged during this sensitive phase.


Our services during the birth of your child:

  • Alternative medicine: aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy
  • Support during natural births or caesarean sections
  • Option of a water birth
  • 24-hour anaesthesia team
  • Care of premature babies from the 34th week of pregnancy
  • Neonatal care