The stay in the postnatal ward

During your stay, the employees of Klinik Hirslanden are there to attend to your needs and those of your baby round the clock. We are guided by your needs and wishes, and we will support you in your new daily routine.


The stay in the postnatal ward
After you have been monitored for a minimum of two hours, your midwife will transfer you to the maternity ward and hand you over into the care of the nursing staff. Here you and your partner have time to get to know your child. We help you to bond further with your child and are there to offer support. You will be taken care of by a specialist nurse and enjoy comprehensive care so that you can restart your usual daily routine as soon as possible and look after your baby independently.


Rooming-in system
You can have your baby with you in your room round the clock. This is an ideal way for you to familiarise yourself with your baby’s needs. If you need to relax, the nursing staff are happy to care for your baby in the children's room. There you and your partner can also change, bathe and care for your baby. If your baby requires monitoring in the neonatology area, you can visit him or her at any time.


Baby care
You will be gradually introduced to caring for your baby (changing, bathing, breastfeeding/feeding) by the nurse responsible for you on our postnatal ward. You will learn to recognise and respond to the needs of your baby. You can also attend our baby care course in this environment. In this course, you will learn about how to cope with a crying baby, the sleeping and waking phase, nutrition, illness, baby care and development. We also provide you with tips on basic equipment and baby medicine.


Our culinary services will also win you over as we place great importance on a balanced diet. Depending on your insurance class, you will have a daily choice of different menus as well as à la carte food.


Parents’ and family room for patients with private health insurance
There is a parents’ and family room available to patients with private health insurance, in which the father and siblings can overnight with the mother at no extra cost (meals are not included). A booking is not necessary.


Sit back and let yourself be pampered
We celebrate important events in a fitting manner. We invite our couples with supplementary insurance to a festive dinner to celebrate the birth of their child during their stay. Let yourself be pampered by our head chef in our restaurant. You will also receive our popular Hirslanden baby bag, which is filled to the brim with many small, helpful and valuable aids that will make your daily life with your baby easier.


Our services on the maternity ward

  • Individualised care of mother and child by experienced nursing staff
  • Accommodation for your partner in the family room (for privately insured mothers in our postnatal ward)
  • Care/examination of your baby by the attending paediatrician
  • Children’s room with neonatology area
  • Movement of the baby in accordance with the guidelines of kinaesthetic infant handling
  • Hip ultrasound examination
  • Hearing test upon request
  • Rooming-in
  • Daily breastfeeding counselling while you are in the postnatal ward.
  • Outpatient support with breastfeeding difficulties after your hospital stay by breastfeeding counsellors (T +41 44 387 33 80)
  • Hotel-style service with room service
  • Lobby with children’s play corner
  • Dinner à deux as well as a Hirslanden baby bag (for semi-private and privately insured mothers in the postnatal ward)
  • Professional baby photography