Preparing for the birth

The time before you are admitted to hospital is a time to prepare. We spare no effort to ensure that you are able to look forward to the happy event in a relaxed and carefree manner. Thanks to our ongoing training process, our midwives are always at the cutting edge in the areas of antenatal preparation, childbirth support and postnatal exercises. Besides traditional medicine of the very highest standard, we offer you alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture and aromatherapy.

Visiting the maternity unit

You can have a personal tour of our maternity unit round the clock, from Monday to Sunday, in English, Spanish or Italian. We are unable to arrange appointments as we cannot plan when our delivery room is going to be occupied. Please feel free to call our midwives on T 044 387 35 61 about an hour before your visit and ask whether it is possible to have a tour. If the delivery room is available, you can stop by directly afterwards.

You are also very welcome to take part in our public information evening entitled “Erlebnis Geburt”. The information evening is held in German. You will receive valuable information from gynaecologists, midwives and nurses on our maternity unit and Klinik Hirslanden’s services before, during and after the birth. You will also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the facilities of our maternity unit by taking a guided tour. In this way, you will feel as though you are in good hands right from the time you are admitted. You will find the relevant information and dates on our website under “Kurse und Vorträge”.


Personal consultation with a midwife
Our midwives offer you a personal consultation around four weeks before your due date. In this way, both sides get to know each other, and you can discuss all your birth-related concerns.

Antenatal examinations
We carry out antenatal examinations at the request of your doctor. Besides antenatal classes, we also provide advice on natural births or planned caesarean sections. Our physiotherapists and nutritional consultants will also assist you, if necessary.

Baby folder
After you register at Klinik Hirslanden, you will receive your personal baby folder. This contains a lot of important information on your baby, the birth and your stay at Klinik Hirslanden.

Our antenatal services
• Antenatal courses or intensive weekends in German, English and Spanish
• Personal consultation with a midwife and check-ups (by appointment)
• Outpatient and inpatient care for women with high-risk pregnancies
• Pregnancy yoga and postnatal exercise
• Physiotherapy
• Nutritional advice
• Alternative medicine: aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy
• Telephone support from our team of midwives