Questions about giving birth

Do I need to bring clothes to the hospital for my baby?
No, your child will receive hospital baby clothes until you are discharged. You only need to bring a set of baby clothes for the trip home.

Can I eat and drink during labour?
Yes, you may certainly eat and drink during normal labour.

If I come to the hospital during the night to give birth, do I need to bring something to eat from home?
No, you don't have to bring anything from home; our kitchen will look after your every need.

Can I request a PDA (epidural anaesthesia) at any time?
Yes, an experienced anaesthesia team is always available.

Who can I ring in case of questions or problems if my doctor is not available in the evening or at night?
You can reach the midwives of the birthing room on T +41 44 387 35 61 24 hours a day; they will assist you professionally or arrange a consultation with your doctor.

Can I determine my birthing position myself?
Yes, certainly. Your midwife will be pleased to advise you.

Are alternatives to medication offered and used during labour?
Yes, should you wish, your midwife will advise you and offer you oil, herbs and acupuncture at any time.

Questions on your time in the postnatal ward

New parents often ask many questions after the birth as well. Please find below a few answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How long is the stay after a natural birth/caesarean section?
The average stay for a natural birth is approx. 4 to 5 days, or 5 to 6 days for a caesarean section. The length of your hospital stay depends primarily on your personal well-being and is determined in consultation with your doctor and the nursing staff.

Is there a paediatrician at Klinik Hirslanden?
If a baby requires specialised medical care and monitoring, he/she will be in good hands in our in-house neonatology ward. Your baby will usually be examined by one of our accredited paediatricians after the birth. Our hospital’s modern medical infrastructure offers the utmost security for your newborn child.

Can my partner also overnight in the hospital?
It is generally possible for your partner to overnight in a single room; there is a foldaway bed or pull-out sofa available for this purpose.

Is breastfeeding counselling guaranteed?
Our qualified breastfeeding counsellor is available to answer your questions upon request. In addition, our nursing staff will assist you at any time in all matters related to breastfeeding. After you have been discharged, there is the option of outpatient breastfeeding counselling.

Can I also have my baby with me in my room at night (rooming-in)?
Yes, certainly. In this way, you will get to know your baby’s needs better. If you really need some peace and quiet, our nursing staff will take care of your baby at any time.