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Welcome to the Klinik St. Anna

Every birth of a child is unique. It is the start or expansion of a family and an intensive experience for the expectant parents. A team of specialists from the Klinik St. Anna supports you during pregnancy, giving birth and afterwards with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and individual advice. With its Delivery and Maternity Ward, the Klinik St. Anna offers a place that radiates warmth and security and makes the birth a very special event.


The foundation of today's clinic was laid nearly 100 years ago by the Community of St. Anna Sisters in Lucerne with the Maternité. Gradually, the Klinik St. Anna developed into an innovative private hospital that is today under secular management. Every year, some 800 children are born in the Klinik St. Anna.

Please visit the German page of the clinic for further information.

Klinik St. Anna

Adresse & Contact

Klinik St. Anna
St. Anna-Strasse 32
CH-6006 Luzern
T +41 41 208 32 32