The birth

That exciting time spent waiting just before the great event is a really special, indescribable period. Then the birth is imminent. Our well-established, experienced team is looking forward to meeting you. The restful atmosphere in our obstetrics department will help you feel easy. You can relax while the midwife attends to your every wish. Reassured, you can put yourself in her hands and concentrate fully on the birth itself. Your gynaecologist will be in charge in close co-operation with the attending midwife throughout the birth. Of course, your partner is most welcome to be present at the birth as well.


A paediatrician will examine your newborn baby during your stay. Thanks to our close co-operation with the "Ostschweizer Kinderspital", any additional examinations can be guaranteed at any time.


Those intensive few hours after the birth belong to the new family. This should be used for wonder, rest, and getting to know each other. You will remain under the care of the midwife who will help you nurse the baby. She will give your baby the attention it needs, and perhaps help your partner or accompanying person bathe and weigh the baby. After about two hours – depending on how you feel – you will be transferred to your reserved room in the rooming-in department.

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