The birth

Your doctor is responsible for managing the birth of your child in close cooperation with the midwife, who monitors the progress of the delivery and offers individual assistance. With your care in their safe hands, you can concentrate fully on the birth.


Your partner or another person is very welcome during the birth to offer moral support.


Medical facilities

All of the facilities at our clinic are available at all times to ensure optimal medical assistance. This can prove extremely valuable during a planned or unplanned caesarean, which is carried out by your doctor and an experienced anaesthetist. The outstanding medical infrastructure at our clinic guarantees the highest possible level of safety for both mother and child.


Pain relief

Just as each woman experiences childbirth differently, the labour pains that occur during the delivery are felt with varying levels of intensity. Whilst some mothers go through the entire birth without any pain relief, there are often situations where measures of this kind are necessary and practical. A wide range of methods are available here:

  • Alternative pain relief
  • Self-medication at the touch of a button
  • Neuraxial pain relief


Our services during the birth

  • Individual, personal care
  • Optimal clinical facilities
  • Water birth
  • Natural birth or caesarean
  • Pain relief
  • Acupuncture
  • Outpatient births and short stays at the clinic

Address & Contact

Schänzlistrasse 39
CH-3000 Bern 25
T +41 31 337 60 00
F +41 31 337 69 30

Map & route

Information on how to get to the clinic.

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