Now you can go home!

Alongside the birth of your baby, the day on which you and your newborn child can return home is surely one of the most beautiful and profound experiences in life. For the first time, you are able to show your newborn child the place in which he or she will grow up with you, where he or she will play, learn, laugh and sleep. The nursery has been prepared well in advance - and now your baby is here! A new stage of life begins for everybody in the family.


Enjoy this first day at home together, even if many things which will require your complete attention in future are already knocking at the door. Take time to be with your newborn child in your own home and to look forward to the wonderful time you will spend together.


Although there are general answers to every question, nothing can replace your own observations, the gradual process of becoming familiar with your child, and the new discoveries you will make every day. If your newborn child does not wish to drink or cries the whole day, or you feel uncertain about anything, do not be reticent in accepting the help of others. There are many people at your side: the clinic, doctors, your parents, friends, infant healthcare centres - all of whom would be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to ask for help and support.


Our Guide includes a list of important addresses. In addition, you should ask your local council for information concerning infant healthcare centres in your area.

Abbildung Baby im Babybett