Your stay at the clinic

Following a natural birth or a Caesarean section, your stay in hospital generally lasts for four to seven days. During this time, you and your child will be cared for in our Maternity Ward by our specially trained nursing staff and medical specialists. In the private hospital, your personal gynaecologist will visit you once daily.


Our nursing staff will introduce you step by step to caring for your newborn child, offering you support and advice throughout your stay at the clinic. Perhaps you have already become familiar with some aspects during a baby care or birth preparation class. Now you will learn how to feed and care for your baby, and how to change its nappy; in no time you will feel secure and on top of the world with your new baby.



The Hirslanden clinics employ breastfeeding consultants to provide support and to demonstrate the most important aspects of breastfeeding. These consultants will provide you with information as part of a general breastfeeding consultation and also offer individual care in your own room. Following your stay at the hospital, the breastfeeding consultant at your birth clinic, or an independent breastfeeding consultant, will be made available to you should you have any questions or feelings of uncertainty.


For more information on the topic of breastfeeding, please see the Hints and Tips section.



The Hirslanden Maternity Wards offer you the option of having your newborn baby in your room with you 24 hours a day. This is an optimal way to become familiar with your child’s nature and needs. If you would like to have a rest at any time, please do not hesitate to ask our nursing staff to take watchful care of your newborn in the Baby Room.


Initial examinations

During your stay at the Maternity Ward, your newborn child will be thoroughly examined by a paediatrician. These initial tests include a hip examination, in which any malformation of the hips can be determined by means of an ultrasound.


Following their birth, many babies have what is known as “newborn jaundice”, which is usually perfectly harmless. If the jaundice measures above a certain level, the paediatrician may decide to treat your child with a special, harmless light procedure known as phototherapy.


If your baby requires specific medical care or monitoring, he or she be in the best hands with our paediatricians and specialist nursing staff. The modern medical and technological infrastructure of our clinics guarantees the greatest possible safety for newborn children.


Maternity gymnastics

Our physiotherapists can show you special exercises aimed at making your body feel fit again as soon as possible. Special back strengthening gymnastics aid in tautening your stomach muscles and strengthening your lower pelvis, and promote your feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing. Mothers are advised not to place unnecessary strain on their bodies in the first six to eight weeks following childbirth.