Support and positions

During the birth, you will be actively supported by a competent team of midwives and medical specialists. In the private clinic, your gynaecologist will be informed of the impending birth by our clinic personnel. Until your gynaecologist arrives, you will be cared for by a midwife.


There are many possible ways in which to give birth to your child. Discuss your individual wishes with your doctor and/or midwife, who can provide advice on the various available methods of childbirth. However, we do not recommend that you become too fixed on a certain wish: the birth process is often unforeseeable and thus requires a certain amount of flexibility.


Due to the force of gravity, an upright position has an advantageous effect on the natural birth process. Most clinics offer a variety of aids to support an upright position:

  • gymnastic ball
  • rope
  • wall bars
  • Maya birth stool
  • Roma birth wheel

A warm bath can promote relaxation and pain relief for expectant mothers who feel comfortable in water.  Warm water can accelerate the opening of the uterine orifice, but can also intensify contractions. Many clinics also offer the possibility of a water birth.


Naturally, each Birth Room is equipped with a special bed for those who wish to lie down for childbirth. In bed, you can give birth in either the back, side or knee-elbow position.