10th week of pregnancy

  • 43rd to 48th day of development
  • Crown-rump length of embryo: 17 to 24 mm

The head of your child still looks disproportionately large due to the fact that it has to make space for the development of the brain. The face now looks very sweet. Nose, lips, ears and eyes have been rudimentarily formed, and the eyelids are closed. In the mouth, the anlagen of the teeth have formed in their place, and the gustatory nerves have begun to take shape. In addition, various skin glands have developed and tiny hairs have started to grow.


The embryo moves around a great deal, including doing somersaults. The mother can’t yet feel this, but these movements can be seen clearly in an ultrasound image.


At the end of the 10th week, the embryo can now be called a foetus, as the development of the organs has been concluded. Most experts however set this change at 12 weeks, after the first third of pregnancy.


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