11th week of pregnancy

  • Crown-rump length of embryo: 34 to 42 mm
  • Weight of embryo: approx. 10 g

You probably don’t really look pregnant yet, but perhaps the waistband in some of your clothes is getting tight. The breasts have grown markedly, and it may be that you have gained some weight.


Your unborn child now has a visible neck. The face is completely formed. The eyes have moved forward, the ears upward, and everything sits at its final place. The eyelids are still closed and will remain so until the 6th month of pregnancy. Thirty-two teeth buds already exist.


The embryo’s body has lengthened somewhat and the muscles are almost in perpetual motion, reacting with increased movement to outer stimuli coming from the abdominal wall. Nails grow in the nail bed of the tiny fingers and toes. At the tip of the fingers and toes, skin lines develop, which are unique in all individuals.


The sex of your child cannot yet be recognized in an ultra sound image, but everything already exists in its body: for girls, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus-vagina-tube; for boys the testicles are present beneath the abdominal wall.


There are few influences now which can be harmful to your child, as the organs have practically finished developing and need only complete final maturation in the course of the pregnancy. It is important that the organs do grow in size and for this they have to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients.


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