12th week of pregnancy

  • Crown-rump length of embryo: 43 to 53 mm
  • Weight of embryo: approx. 15 g

The chances are that you have the worst behind you concerning morning (and sometimes afternoon!) sickness. With only a very few women does this phase last for more than 12 weeks.


One more piece of good news: the risk of miscarriage is now almost negligible.


The face of your child now looks almost like a baby’s, although the eyelids are still closed. It has a clear profile with a high forehead and a little snub nose. Its head has a diameter of 15 to 20 mm. Its own blood production system develops in the spleen, liver and spinal chord. The muscles on the body are visible, and the arms can bend at the elbow and wrist. The fingers are flexible and can clench into a fist, and the fingers and toes are fully developed and have finger and toe nails.


Reflexive commands are executed from the brain; for example, the sucking reflex to the lips being touched may cause the embryo to suck its thumb. Amniotic fluid is constantly swallowed and passed through the bladder.


Your child is now the size of a small lemon.


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