17th week of pregnancy

  • Biparietal diameter of foetus: 35 to 44 mm
  • Weight of foetus: approx. 150 g

Pregnant women of darker skin types may notice pigmentation changes: the skin appears spotty and darker in some places, and a strange dark line runs from the navel to the pubic hair. You should be careful with sunbathing now; both excessive natural sunlight and the solarium can cause dark spots to appear, which do not always disappear after pregnancy.


Your little one is happy in its amniotic fluid like a fish in the sea. It is protected from jolts and kept warm. It doesn’t live in a silent world, however; the heartbeat of the mother, the sounds of her intestines, her voice, and external sounds (e.g. music) penetrate and are perceived. This prepares it for life outside the womb.


Your baby gradually starts to build up a simple immune system which can protect it against infections.


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