19th week of pregnancy

  • Biparietal diameter of foetus: 42 to 51 mm
  • Weight of foetus: approx. 260 g

Have you felt the child’s movements for the first time yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t. In a first pregnancy it can take up to the 20th week or longer until one is sure that one is feeling the child’s movements rather than those of the digestive tract. If the placenta lies to the front of the abdominal wall, one may feel the child’s movements even later.


You should start thinking about where you want to give birth. Your doctor can take care of you as attending doctor in a private hospital, or recommend a public birth clinic to you. At ‘parent information meetings’ at various hospitals you can get further information, get an impression and make an informed decision.


The eyes of your baby are well developed; however, the lids stay closed until the end of the second trimester.


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