23rd week of pregnancy

  • Biparietal diameter of foetus: 55 to 66 mm
  • Weight of foetus: approx. 600 g
  • Length of foetus: approx. 30 cm

The upper rim of the uterus now reaches to about the navel. The supporting ligaments of the uterus are markedly stretched by the increased weight. Allow yourself more breaks now, and try to do as little work standing up as possible.


The digestive system of your child functions and can absorb nutrients in the intestines. The lungs, on the other hand, are still very immature. Only at the end of the 8th month can they fulfil their function, as by then enough surfactant has developed. This important substance protects the alveoli from inflating completely during exhalation. This is why premature babies have difficulty breathing (also called respiratory distress syndrome).


In the womb your baby has now developed a circadian rhythm. Overall it sleeps about 16 to 20 hours a day.


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