30th week of pregnancy

  • Biparietal diameter of foetus: 74 to 86 mm
  • Weight of foetus: approx. 1400 g
  • Length of foetus: approx. 38.5 cm

Ideally you should go to an antenatal course. If you have not managed to start such a course, it is best to register for one now.


When your baby moves and kicks it can be very noticeable. Most pregnant women now feel that pregnancy is no breeze, with all the little discomforts that appear: shortness of breath, heartburn, sleeplessness, pains caused by stretched ligaments or heavy legs.


Have you noticed your baby making strange rhythmical movements, like a throbbing in the belly? Your baby has the hiccups, which is completely normal. Perhaps it swallowed amniotic liquid too quickly. Sometimes the twitches can even be seen from the outside, through the abdominal wall.


Your little one has firm rosy skin. The padding of fat underneath the skin will help with temperature regulation after birth, and as an energy reserve for the exhausting path into life.


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