Hospital Group

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group was formed in 1990 by the merger of several private hospitals, and has been part of the South African Medi-Clinic Corporation hospital group since 2007. Medi-Clinic is a South Africa-based international private hospital group with three operating platforms in Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia), Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Medi-Clinic is focused on providing acute care, specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary hospitals. Its core purpose is to enhance the quality of life of patients by providing comprehensive, high-quality hospital services in such a way that the group will be regarded as the most respected and trusted provider of hospital services by patients, doctors and funders of healthcare.

Hirslanden offers a broad range of medical services covering most procedures and treatments. And with more than 2'030 doctors, in 16 hospitals, sharing and collaborating, you benefit from a unique, interdisciplinary approach to modern medicine.

Ultimately it’s our team of experienced health care professionals that make a difference to your well-being. Hirslanden cardiologists and heart surgeons are recognised nationally and internationally as some of the best in their fields. While our specialists in orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology, oncology are all highly regarded in the industry.

At Hirslanden professional’s skills are best in class and might explain why, every year, we deliver more than 6'230 babies to discerning parents across eight maternity hospitals. Or, why sport organisations (hockey, football and handball) have chosen our orthopaedic and sports trauma experts to treat their athletes and extend sporting careers.