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A doctor you can trust

Choosing the right doctor can be a formidable task. That’s why we’re here to help. More than 2'030 physicians, affiliated and in house doctors, are available to you through our network. With our assistance, finding a specialist or getting a second opinion is only a phone call away.

At Hirslanden, all our doctors are highly trained professionals and experts in their chosen fields. And our affiliated network is made up of specialists, pre-selected for their experience, with a track record in providing quality care. With this broad range of expertise we are better able to meet your individual needs. Our Healthline is your most direct way to finding a doctor you can trust.


Whether you’re an existing patient or considering Hirslanden for your next medical treatment, professional consultation is available from the privacy of your home. And when time is of the essence, our team is always close at hand to give you the support you need. Advances in modern medical care are founded in cross discipline collaboration.


At Hirslanden, knowledge sharing and exchange between doctors is part of our culture. Combined with a flat organisational structure, a minimum of bureaucracy and the latest in medical technology, our team of doctors have all the support they need to offer the highest quality in individual care.