Frequently asked questions


Here you will find answers to all the most frequently asked questions. For any further questions please contact the Hirslanden International Team.


General questions

How can I contact Hirslanden?

What documents do I need to send you?

We kindly ask you to provide the following information (if available):

  • Medical and diagnostic reports in English or German
  • Diagnostic data
  • Medical images such as ultrasound, CT or MRI files (DICOM files saved in a ZIP file)
  • Laboratory results
  • A description of your current symptoms

How can I send you large files?

Large image files can be sent by If you would like to send us data on a USB stick or DVD, please use to the following address:


Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

Hirslanden International

Seefeldstrasse 214

CH-8008 Zurich


Please note that we cannot process .rar files.  

What is included in the quote?

If you are interested in a treatment at Hirslanden, we will send you a personalised quote. The quote is based on an initial assessment by one of our specialists, as well as our current data regarding the planned procedure. Any possible follow-up treatment or additional or unplanned examinations are not included.


Please note that each quote is individually calculated and is not a standardised flat fee. Furthermore the price does not include private expenses for alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, interpreters, etc.  

What kind of treatment does Hirslanden offer?

A comprehensive overview is available here.


Can visitors stay overnight in my room?

If you have a private room, it is generally possible to arrange an additional bed for overnight visitors. In case of interest and we will check the availability of additional beds. If you have just given birth, we offer your partner the opportunity to stay overnight. Please note that in such cases meals are not included.

I would like to visit the hospital before I give birth. Is that possible?

Particularly when it comes to giving birth, we believe it is important that you have the opportunity to visit the delivery room and other rooms and to meet the midwives. We will gladly arrange a tour for you at your preferred hospital.

Does Hirslanden treat patients with international health insurance?

Yes. Hirslanden International is the single point of contact for:

  • Patients with international health insurance living abroad or in Switzerland
  • Patients living abroad who are seeking treatment at their own expense
  • Patients living abroad whose treatment costs will be covered by a company, organisation or embassy

Do the medical specialists speak English?

Yes, our specialists and hospital staff speak English.

Can you organise an interpreter for me?

We will gladly organise an interpreter for you if required. Our partners specialise in the accurate translation of medical information and intercultural nuances.

Will I have single point of contact at Hirslanden International?

Hirslanden International is a specialised team within the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group that focuses exclusively on international patients. This team is your first point of contact for all non-medical enquiries. Their extensive expertise enables them to quickly find the right people from within our network of doctors. Thanks to their knowledge and immediate access to medical specialists, even complex patient enquiries will receive qualified feedback within 48 hours.


After you have contacted us, a member of the Hirslanden International Team will get in touch with you. This person will generally remain your contact person until the treatment has been successfully completed.

Can you help me organise accommodation?

We will gladly help you organise accommodation for your family or friends during your stay at the hospital. In joint partnership with Premium Europe, we can offer reduced rates for a variety of hotels and apartments.


If you prefer, you can even make an online booking at Premium Europe yourself:



Login: Your private e-mail address

Password: HirslandenZH


To contact Premium Europe directly, please call +41 44 504 55 55 or write to

Can I contact the doctor directly?

To ensure efficient processing your contact person at Hirslanden International will handle any enquiries you may have. Please get in touch with us.

Who can I contact outside of business hours and in cases of emergency?

In cases of emergency, please contact the nearest hospital:


Deposit, payment, invoicing

What currency is used on the invoices?

Quotes are issued in Swiss francs (CHF). All invoices must likewise be paid in Swiss francs.


What payment options do you offer?

There are two ways to make a payment:

  • Advance payment via bank transfer
  • Advance payment via credit card (please use the credit card form)

By when do I need to pay the deposit?

If your appointment is approved we will send you our credit card form. Your credit card details are required for billing purposes and are used to secure your booking. You can pay with all major credit cards. If required, the amount can also be paid via bank transfer.


In any case, the costs listed in the quote must be paid prior to any consultations or treatment.  

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

To ensure the costs are covered in advance. We will send you a detailed final invoice regarding your treatment. If the final amount differs from your initial deposit, you will either receive a reimbursement or you may need to make an additional payment.

Why do I need to complete the credit card form?

The credit card information serves as a guarantee. Your card will only be charged with your consent.


When will I receive the final invoice?

The final invoice is usually issued six to eight weeks after the treatment has been completed.


With international health insurance

If your insurer is covering all costs, we will send the final invoice directly to the insurer. If it is only covering some of the costs, we will send the entire invoice to you. You can then submit the final invoice to your insurer for reimbursement.


Self-paying patients

The final invoice will indicate whether you will receive some of your deposit back, or whether you need to make an additional payment. Reimbursements are paid around a month after the invoice was issued. We will contact you if an additional payment is required.

I have received an additional invoice. What is it for?

The quote is based on an initial assessment by one of our specialists, as well as current data regarding the planned procedure. Any possible follow-up treatment or additional or unplanned examinations are not included. The quote does not include private expenses for alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, interpreters, etc.


Are medical services subject to VAT?

Medical services do not incur any surcharges such as VAT.