Range of Treatment

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, Clinique Bois-Cerf and Clinique Cecil are ready to care for you and your health. Both offer state-of-the-art technology and cover most medical specialties, each with their respective areas of expertise.

Orthopaedic Surgery Centre

The Centre offers:

  • world-renown orthopaedic surgeons
  • treatment of patients with musculoskeletal conditions
  • comprehensive individual care


The Sportlab offers:

  • a multi-disciplinary approach to sports injuries
  • treatment of elite athletes and amateurs
  • customised training programmes
  • post-surgery (orthopaedic and heart) rehabilitation

Assisted Reproduction Centre

The Centre offers:

  • the most modern methods in fertility treatment
  • a team of leading specialists
  • over 15 years experience
  • collaboration with the F.A.B.E.R (foundation of andrology, biology, endocrinology, reproduction) research team
  • counselling for your ethical, biological and psychological questions

Cardiology Centre

The Centre offers:

  • diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic heart diseases
  • advanced patient care

Dialysis Centre

The Centre offers:

  • Switzerland’s largest private dialysis facilities
  • convenient holiday/travel dialysis
  • easy access from across Central Europe

Our complete range of treatment from A to Z


Hirslanden Lausanne

Clinique Cecil / Clinique Bois-Cerf

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