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Klinik Belair


Klinik Belair is easily accessible from the city and is located in an attractive residential area of Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen is also 40 minutes from Zurich and Zurich Airport.



Klinik Belair is a modern private hospital that specialises in individualised care and belongs to the Hirslanden Private Medical Group. With collaboration through its affiliated doctors Klinik Belair offers leading class expertise while retaining individually tailored medical care. The clinic offers its patients a customised holistic care plan, modern facilities, experienced staff, and family atmosphere which have contributed to the last 40 years of excellence and success.


Areas of specialisation

Klinik Belair has highly skilled doctors and physicians offering leading class medical care and specialises in the fields of orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general and visceral surgery, urology, rheumatology, venereology, hand surgery, spine surgery and plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


Facts & Figures

Klinik Belair was founded in 1971 and belongs to the Hirslanden Private Medical Group. It has 30 beds in single and double rooms and a recovery room with an additional six beds where more than 3600 patients receive surgical treatment and specialized medical care every year. The clinic has more than 100 highly skilled employees and 25 affiliated doctors and in-house physicians able to cater to your individual treatment and recovery.


Klinik Belair
Rietstrasse 30
8201 Schaffhausen
Tel. +41 52 632 19 00
Fax +41 52 625 87 07


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