Rhythmology is a sub-speciality of cardiology and deals with cardiac arrhythmia. This is a condition in which the activity of the heart is irregular and is manifested by palpitations, racing or stuttering. People suffering from this condition feel threatened by or suffer from shortness of breath and sweating.


The Hirslanden Klinik Z├╝rich uses the very latest robotic technology in its cardiac arrhythmia therapy, in particular for atrial flutters. During treatment, the patient lies in a magnetic field while the doctor navigates the intercardiac catheter through the heart using a joystick and remote controls. The magnetic field pulls the catheter in every direction making it possible to work with millimetric precision.


Treatment involves isolating and eliminating the diseased heart muscle fibres responsible for creating and maintaining the arrhythmia by means of heat. "Niobe" robotic technology allows other areas to be isolated which escape the conventional procedure, so that the atrial flutter can be eliminated for good.